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Does anyone know what is the future of gATP on HANA ? How does it work ? Would they integrate GATP within ECC to run on HANA (or) would they still keep this in APO to provide flexibility to run on HANA + LiveCache ?

Any thoughts on this ? Also, any idea if you had come across any new functionalities that SAP might have thought of ?

Looking forward to hear from you

Babu Kilari

asked 29 Aug '14, 12:44

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I think it is already possible now to use APO with HANA as database (still using LiveCache). In theory this can help run BOP faster. There was also some public presentation of a new product being developed that brings APO planning to ECC taking advantage of HANA and his new product will also have an new ATP. I have no idea when this new product will be available.

Update: SAP has a youtube channel with info and demos of the new tool (IBP). Also the press release.

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answered 09 Dec '14, 05:15

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pedrolima ♦♦
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Thanks Pedro for your reply. Can you please point me to the public presentation that you're talking about ?

Babu Kilari

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answered 09 Dec '14, 05:33

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I've updated the post with links

(09 Dec '14, 05:43) pedrolima ♦♦
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