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Hello SAP Experts and SCM Experts,

We have a requirement wherein we would like to enhance the standard SAP table VBBE to store certain parameters of a requirement element. Hence, we would like to enhance this table to have custom fields.

Since this is one of the crucial tables for Planning, we would like to know if need to do any custom developments in any screen exits. The fields that we are going to use will only be used during ECC ATP check while determining the scope of check.

Appreciate your responses on this.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Babu Kilari

asked 28 Aug '14, 10:49

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I don't know for this specific table, but usually an append structure in a SAP table does not need changes in screens. Just put the append in VVBE and make some sanity tests, it should be fine. It looks as an interesting development in ATP.

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answered 22 Oct '14, 05:23

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pedrolima ♦♦
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Hi Babu,

We also had a similar development in our ATP project, where we needed to extend couple of ERP custom fields to APO so that ATP check results can be manipulated. We initially thought about extending standard tables, but since we only needed it for ATP check, we extended field catalog with the new characteristics in ERP at the time of ATP check -> SAP stores it in table /SAPAPO/SDFIELD in APO. We read these values during BOP run too, so was quite easy.

Since you also needed the requirement field for ATP check, I would still be interested to know if it was wasy to extend the tables that you mentioned.

Best regards, Sasha

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answered 21 Feb '15, 19:31

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This was for a non-gATP environment and hence we this SDFIELD stuff isnt necessary and not applicable. We went ahead and extended thr table and it worked perfetly fine :) I was easy and no issues were seen.

Babu Kilari

(22 Feb '15, 05:00) babukilari
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