The delivery creation job (or VL10B) will create the delivery even if ATP set the confirmed (committed) qty to zero.

asked 26 Dec '14, 18:07

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Hi Pedro,

I hope you have found an answer of your question, but now I am thinking if this is actually correct as we do not have this setting and still Delivery note creation is not possible until STO is confirmed. Ideally if you would try to create delivery note for an un-confirmed STO, system would block delivery creation with the message : 'No schedule lines due for delivery up to the selected date'.

Best Regards, Sasha

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answered 21 Feb '15, 19:17

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It worked for me, but I agree that there may be some other factor influencing it, as in previous projects I don't remember needing this.

(26 Feb '15, 10:01) pedrolima ♦♦

The following settings controls if the confirmed quantity is used in STOs.

SPRO - Logistics Execution - Shipping - Basic Shipping Functions- Configure Global Shipping Data - Trfr Conf PO Qty

If this option is unchecked delivery will be created with the requested quantity.

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answered 26 Dec '14, 18:09

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