I want the program to have logic and selection screens with fields dynamically determined from configuration tables. And the users should be able to save variants for those screens. For that I want to generate the selection screens and processing logic from a code template.

asked 21 Sep '11, 14:43

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One way is to use code templates and function RSS_TEMPLATE_INSTANTIATE to generate the templates. The function documentation for this function is very good, it has details on how to write the templates and generate the code and includes a complete example.

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answered 21 Sep '11, 14:44

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Thank you very much for the information, it has just saved my life!

(27 Feb '13, 12:19) tabby_cat

Two other ways, once is to use selection options, but that is pretty static and limited.

Another way is to use the package S_FORMULA_BUILDER and use a dynamic scripting language with your selection criteria mapped into that scripting language. then you only need to save your formula script.

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answered 23 Aug '13, 08:19

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