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I am using APO 7.0 GATP.

Is it possible for the product availability check to consider the 'shelf life' characteristic for batch managed products (for example to only consider batches where remaining shelf life is greater than a particular threshold).

Thanks, Bob Austin

asked 14 Sep '09, 16:10

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Thanks for the reply. Are you referring to the CIF user exit for stock, on the APO side? Are you suggesting that the user exit logic should, per batch, check the shelf life, and for 'old' batches, set the ATP category to, for example, ZC, which is not within the ATP scope check?

(17 Sep '09, 09:18) BobAustin

A development strategy to support shelf life uses the PASS badi (/SAPAPO/ATP_PSS). This badi is executed during the ATP check process and allows the creation of a temporary requirement. The logic to put in the badi would be something like this: read the customer minimum shelf life (from the field catalog), read the stock and pegging relations, set the PASS value to the total stock that has less than the minimum shelf life of the requirement and has no pegging relations. This will "remove" that old stock from the check.

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answered 23 Sep '09, 18:50

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Hi Bob, why don't use you a CIF user-exit to do that? Whenever the shelf life is smaler than a value change the ATP category from, for example, CC to ZC. You won't impact the planning and you will accomplish the propose.

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answered 15 Sep '09, 09:27

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My experience with shelf life ATP was on an older release of SCM that did not support the process, so it was only possible with some user-exit enhancements.

But on SCM 7 I think you can do it with standard shelf life and pegging functionalities. The key thing is to use the "characteristics evaluation" ATP (this ATP option uses the pegging instead of the data in the timeseries; see note 601813 for details). For this to work you need to setup the shelf life integration with R3 and the shelf life planning in PP/DS.

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answered 20 Sep '09, 15:19

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