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I have ATP setup in R3 with some storage locations removed from the ATP check. How can those storage locations be removed from the check when using global ATP?

asked 05 Sep '09, 17:10

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pedrolima ♦♦

Hi Pedro, isn't it possible to create the storage location as an exclusive MRP area, which is then excluded from the MRP run and thereby excluding the storage location from the gATP?

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answered 27 Apr '10, 08:44

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Hello Pedro,

How do you achieve this in higher versions like SCM 7.0 ? I still believe that we need to change category of the stock getting posted to a non-MRP category ? Correct me if I am wrong..

Thanks, Babu Kilari

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answered 08 Feb '11, 21:05

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I think you are correct.

(29 Sep '11, 15:54) pedrolima ♦♦

At least until SCM 5.0 is was not possible to exclude a storage location stock from the gATP check. One way to workaround this limitation is to have the stock with an ATP category that is not in the scope of the ATP check (for example using blocked stock).

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answered 05 Sep '09, 17:13

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