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Hi Experts,

I would like to see the SQL code in the DB procedure APS_ORDER_GET_DATA in the standard gATP funtion module /SAPAPO/OM_ORDER_GET_DATA. Is it possible to see it ? Any trace or transaction that can run a trace on Live Cache layer ?

Appreciate your thoughts.

Babu Kilari

asked 17 Feb '15, 07:12

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Hi Babu. To my knowledge the procedures are compiled C/C++ functions linked to the DB so that netweaver can use the same DB-API. The code is not available and it is not possible to debug into this LC layer.

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answered 18 Feb '15, 05:06

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pedrolima ♦♦
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Hi Pedro,

Thank you for your reply. I asked the above question in relation to the AMDP ( ABAP Managed DB Procedures ) in AS ABAP on HANA. I think Live Cache is one of the early predecessors of In Memory type of DB layers and I was thinking if SCM runs on HANA, do we get an oppurtunity to see these DB procedures ? Rather the question should these be different from AMDP. Any insights ?

Appreciate yuor help.

Thanks & Best Regards, Babu Kilari

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answered 18 Feb '15, 07:36

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I suppose that in some point in the future LC may be replaced by HANA, and then all the LC routines will be rewritten in HANA procedures. But currently SCM on HANA still uses the same LC and the same compiled LC routines. The HANA only replaces the Oracle/DB2/etc database.

(18 Feb '15, 16:49) pedrolima ♦♦

Hi Pedro,

I totally agree with you on the current scenario. It is just replacing the DB nothing more than that and may be BOP would run a bit faster as I heard. As far as the analytics is concerned, I am curious to know these standard DB procedures would fucntion on HANA DB (ie., XS Server) and more importantly, do we get an oppurtunity to customize them to improve the functionality ? or do they restrict these type of DB procedures to be untouched. Should the answer be wait and see ?

Cheers, Babu Kilari

(19 Feb '15, 05:32) babukilari
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