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I'm experiencing a weird behavior with the ATP screen proposal either when I'm using GATP or ATP in ECC.

If as a result of the ATP check there is a change in schedule date, the ATP screen does not pop-up, as it does in case of shortage in quantities.

I have checked the same issue in a couple of systems. In both of them view V_TVTA_VFP (T.Code: OVZJ) has the same values (blank space on field REVFP).

In one of the systems delivery proposal screen pops up in case of shortage and when not in time committed. On the other one, delivery proposal screen only pops up in case of shortage.

I have debbuged include LATP4FD5 and I have found that in line 50 there is the following check alt text

In the system that always shows the delivery proposal screen, table MDVEX has as many records as scheduling lines will have the sales order position after ATP check. In the system that only shows the delivery proposal screen in case of shortcage, table MDVEX only has the new scheduling lines.

Any idea that may explain this behavior?


asked 07 Nov '11, 02:38

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Hi mckiku, do you have more findings on this issue that you can share?

(18 Nov '11, 07:45) pedrolima ♦♦

It looks like some user-exit is changing MDVEX (or maybe changing the schedule lines to try to have just one schedule line). Some places to look for ATP manipulations in R3 that may help: RV03VFZZ, EXIT_SAPVSTRM_NO_ATPCHK_001, EXIT_SAPLATPC_001, EXIT_SAPLATPC_002, badi ATP_PUBLISH_RESULTS.

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answered 07 Nov '11, 05:21

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