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I want to generate JSON content to be used in a web application doing AJAX calls to the SAP server. What are the options to generate the JSON using ABAP?

asked 17 Jul '12, 05:07

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pedrolima ♦♦
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The XML CALL TRANSFORMATION call now supports JSON natively using destination type IF_SXML=>CO_XT_JSON.

 lcl_writer = cl_sxml_string_writer=>create( if_sxml=>co_xt_json ).
 CALL TRANSFORMATION id SOURCE text = l_source  RESULT XML lcl_writer.
 l_xstring_json = lcl_writer->get_output( ).

Alternatively you can also have a look at CL_TREX_JSON_SERIALIZER, although I found it rather broken.

(I eventually wrote my own two-way parser since we had to support pre-7.00 versions of SAP.)

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answered 23 Aug '13, 08:10

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edited 23 Aug '13, 08:11

Yes this is probably the best way now, but needs version 7.4 of the ABAP layer.

(25 Aug '13, 07:49) pedrolima ♦♦

SAP has an add-on product named Gateway that one can install in ECC and other Netweaver products that simplifies the creation of REST interfaces. The latest releases also support JSON (orginally it was only XML).

But there is also the great JSON Document Class contributed by Uwe Fetzer to the Code Exchange that allows easy generation of JSON from typical ABAP data structures. It is so good that it was included in recent Netweaver releases.

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answered 17 Jul '12, 05:09

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