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I need to render a block of html from a template into a string, then in the controller apply some logic (for example escaping the html tags) and then include it in another view.

asked 14 Nov '11, 09:31

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To achieve this:

  1. reinitialize the view with a custom writer object
  2. process the view
  3. retrieve the output from the writer object

Let's suppose we have a view, block.htm. that we want to render to a string, encode as html, and include the result in another view main.htm.


-- block.htm
<%@page language="abap"%>
<strong>The name is <%= name %></strong>

-- main.htm
<%@page language="abap"%>
<body><%= blockader %></body>

Our controller code would look like this:

method DO_REQUEST.
  DATA: view TYPE REF TO if_bsp_page,
      main_view TYPE REF TO if_bsp_page,
      writer type ref to cl_bsp_writer,
      prev_writer type ref to if_bsp_writer,
      render_block type ref to cl_bsp_page_base,
      block_content type string,
      elem type ref to if_bsp_element.

* Create the view and initialize the attributes.
  view = create_view( view_name = 'block.htm' ).
  view->set_attribute( name  = 'name' value = 'Rose' ).

* Render the view and retrieve the resulting html from the writer object
  create object writer
      previous_writer = prev_writer.

  render_block ?= view.
  render_block->do_reinit( current_element = elem
                          current_writer  = writer ).

  render_block->do_request( ).
  block_content = writer->get_content( ).

* block_content holds the rendered view as a string.
* do whatever processing you need
  block_content = cl_bsp_utility=>encode_string( encoding = if_bsp_writer=>co_html
                                                in = block_content ).

  main_view = create_view( view_name = 'main.htm' ).

* you can pass the rendered view as an attribute to include it in another view
  main_view->set_attribute( name  = 'blockvar' value = block_content ).

  call_view( main_view ).
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answered 13 Dec '11, 11:20

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