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Hello All,

Does anyone know how to debug a BADI macro in APO ? I have a BADI macro and got some piece of code written in it. I would like to debug this to know what is happening while executing the Planning functions.

Appreciate your help.

Thanks Babu Kilari

asked 29 Apr '13, 09:12

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Hi Babu, some time ago I wrote some notes on debugging macros. Maybe it helps.

Update: I suppose you have your code in some implementation of badi /sapapo/adv. In that case it should be enough to put a break point in the badi and execute the macro in the planning book.

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answered 29 Apr '13, 10:05

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pedrolima ♦♦
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Hi Pedro,

I saw that post of yours before posting my question here. However, I am looking for the solution to debug a BADI macro. The post that you're referring to explains how a normal macro can be debugged. Appreciate if you can help me with the steps to debug a normal BADI macro. Setting a break-point in the implementation of the BADI is not helping me reach the step while executing the macro in the planning book.

Thank you Babu Kilari

(01 May '13, 23:46) babukilari

I just tried and if I set a break-point in the badi then execute the macro it stops there. Maybe you should check if the badi is active and also put a break point in the very start of the code (the badi is probably used for more than one macro). Hope it helps.

(02 May '13, 05:01) pedrolima ♦♦

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answered 02 May '13, 04:29

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