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In many IDEs (i know Eclipse and Visual Studio better) there is a possibility to execute dynamic code from a console.

This helps, for instance, when debugging. Say you've hit a breakpoint, and want to try differen things (like calling a FuBa in a few different ways, to see what works).

Normally, I'd do this in ABAP by simply modifying the code, running it again, modify, run... etc.

This however wastes a tremendous amount of time, and if there was an interactive console, through which one could simply call whatever needed, it wouldn't be necessary to go through the hassle of running the application tens of times.

Is there something like that or should I consider a different approach? (+suggestions?)

asked 23 Sep '13, 03:08

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Hi Vlad. I don't think there is an interactive console in the debugger. But with the new debugger it is possible to go back to a previous instruction (right click and choose goto statement). Sometimes I use this to try different values of variables and repeating the code without leaving the debugger.

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answered 28 Sep '13, 07:19

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