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User is posting some finansal document in RE-FX module. In main class program creates cl_cashflow_mngr class instance, <some not="" related="" stuff="" here="">, then BADI implementation is called. My problem is i can't find way to take some data from cl_cashflow_mngr instance that was created in the beginig of process. Is there any way to EXPORT/IMPORT object to/from memory or get existing class instance from stack?

asked 14 Feb '13, 16:02

Pawel%20Hixohe%20Grze%C5%9Bkowiak's gravatar image

Pawel Hixohe...
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In a system that has the enhancement framework (I guess now most system have it) the way I would try:

1) create a new class to use as data transfer (e.g. YCL)

2) use an implicit enhancement point in cl_cashflow_mngr object (for example in the constructor) to set an attribute of YCL with a reference to the object (the me variable)

3) later in the badi access the cl_cashflow_mngr object through the reference in YCL attribute

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answered 17 Feb '13, 16:28

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pedrolima ♦♦
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This is one way to do this.

2nd way is to use Shared Memory Objects but it require modification of cl_cashflow_mngr definition.

I probably use first method.

(17 Feb '13, 17:02) Pawel Hixohe...

Many times I was able to get a pointer to variables (or objects) outside the user-exits using these dynamic assignments. If your class instance is a variable of a program, or an attribute of some other object variable that you can get from a program, then this might work for you.


ASSIGN (c_mseg) TO <fc>.
<fc>-exbwr = 99.
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answered 14 Feb '13, 16:32

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pedrolima ♦♦
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I don't know exacly how to write correct syntax related to ABAP OO.

For example i have class zcl_test.


DATA: lo_test TYPE REF TO zcl_test.

create object lo_test.

submit program2.


CONSTANTS: c_object(18) VALUE '(program1)zcl_test'. FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fc> TYPE REF TO zcl_test.

ASSIGN (c_object) TO <fc>.

or i should use in constants name of object like this:

CONSTANTS: c_object(18) VALUE '(program1)lo_test'.

This is way to do this or i'm missing something?

(15 Feb '13, 14:58) Pawel Hixohe...

You are right, I also did a quick test and the dynamic assign failed for the object reference. Something to investigate later.

(17 Feb '13, 16:21) pedrolima ♦♦

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