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This website has been archived, it is working in read-only mode.

The following program results in a short dump, for now I've chalked it up to a bug with the ABAP compiler/run-time. Various other permutation upon the same theme runs fine... just this particular combination of dynamic class and returning a char1 to an exporting any seems to crash. (a char2 works fine, leading me to suspect UTF-16 handing bugs too)

The resulting short dump message: Access to string reference with destroyed content (it occurs on the final WRITE statement.)

To be clear I understand the error message, I just don't see how it is happening that my reference can possibly be pointing to destroyed content.

Also we have a up-to-date development system with all relevant SAPNOTES applied.

REPORT  z_error_test.
    METHODS method_true RETURNING value(r_val) TYPE char1.
    METHODS execute EXPORTING e_result TYPE any.
  METHOD method_true.
    r_val = 'X'.
  METHOD execute.
    e_result = method_true( ).

  DATA: lcl_test  TYPE REF TO cl_test,
        l_result  TYPE string.

  CREATE OBJECT lcl_test.
  lcl_test->execute( IMPORTING e_result = l_result ).
  WRITE :/ l_result.

asked 31 May '13, 09:11

Marius%20Piedallu%20van%20Wyk's gravatar image

Marius Pieda...
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It also happens in my test system. I agree, this looks wrong. It will be interesting to test with 7.4 when such trial becomes available.

(02 Jun '13, 17:31) pedrolima ♦♦

Not working on 7.4 either. Te problem is already in e_result = method_true( ) method doesn't return anything called that way. It works this way:

METHODS execute RETURNING value(e_result) TYPE char1.
 l_result = lcl_test->execute( ) .

And more important like this:

METHODS execute EXPORTING e_result TYPE string.
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answered 23 Aug '13, 03:36

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